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Are you tired of all the hype, the next best diet or dietary supplement?

Do you feel like you are just jumping from one thing to the other with no real improvement in your overall Well Being?  

Well, we have great news and that is all about to change with Miri Vita!

What if there was a simpler “proven” way to improve your health and wellness by implementing a solid lifestyle plan?

We are looking for those of you that are ready to “Take Charge” of your life and start Living the Good Life! Join us on this journey today!

Miri Vita Programs Features

  • Proven Effective Products!

  • Lifestyle Support Program!

  • Opportunity to Help Others!

What if it was possible to take one product per day and know you are supporting your cellular nutritional needs and helping to improve your overall health?

Well we have great news,  our Comprehensive Daily Nutrition is that product!

An ALL-INCLUSIVE Liquid Whole Food Nutritional Health Product that Delivers Daily Value on all the Primary Vitamins and Nutrients…

Based on the Nutrient Absorption and Delivery Power of Humic and Fulvic to Deliver…

310 of the Earth’s Finest Ingredients!

“I began using the Daily Wellness Formula, Metabolic Formula and following the TC365 Lifestyle Plan 8 weeks ago and I feel great. This is the best I have felt in 20 years! My weight is down, but more importantly, my body fat has reduced over 3% and my clothes are falling off of me. Like most women my age, my hormones where totally out of whack. That has also improved greatly along with my sleep. My husband is much appreciative!  I have learned to not worry about my weight, but rather what is happening inside my body. I highly recommend these products and Dr. Hoover’s TC365 Plan. It will change your life. …”
Tonya, Springfield, MO
“Over the years I have taken vitamins, but really tried to rely on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to get the nutrients my body needed. Unfortunately however our soil has been depleted of these vital nutrients, so I had starting looking at different supplements.  I wanted something that would really nourish my body, and if it helped me to lose weight and gain energy that would be a huge bonus!   A friend of mine sent me this product and asked me to try it out. When I opened the bottle and took my first sip, I found it to be quite tasty!  I expected something very different, I guess more of a medicine flavor, so I was quite pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.  I started off taking an ounce in the morning early and then another around noon.  After the first day, I noticed a definite increase in mental clarity and more importantly I wasn’t as tired when I got home from 8+ hrs of work.  On the third day, I got up my courage and decided to get on the scale and was down 2.5lbs!!!  I have also noticed my cravings for certain foods are gone.  I let out a whoop and a holler and knew I was on to something big!  As my activity level increases, I feel better both mentally and physically and my clothes fit better!  I’m can’t wait to share this product with others who are interested in a healthy lifestyle change.”
Robyn Cooper

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